Welcome to Influgramer

You can create an Influencer Marketing Campaign in less than 10 minutes to make your company known to millions of people or to increase sales of your products or services.
To do this you can use Instagram Influencers. Through Influgramer.com you can contact:

* Nano Influencers;
* Micro Influencers;
* Macro Influencers;
* Big Influencers;
You can check that the influencer is not Fake and his degree of influence on his followers

Control Panel

One Control Panel | 3 tools :


* Contacts 1 Single Influencer at a time for a personalized collaboration to your needs ( used above all by physical stores that wish to have Influencers close to their own business or event).


* Contact MORE Influencers at the same time to introduce your company or product that is being put on the market


* Contact the Nano Influencer through an email in which a generic collaboration offer is created

Find your Ambassador

You can search for your influencer ambassador in Italy or in the world through our influencer search engine.
You can check that the influencer is not Fake and his degree of influence on his followers.
The search is quick and you can find influencers near you through geolocation.

How to create a marketing campaign?

The Marketing Campaign allows you to contact several influencers simultaneously with the target you want , this is possible thanks to the powerful search engine included in this tool.

How to increase your sales?

You will be able to make an exclusive offer to all Instagram Nano Influencers in order to promote your company and your products or services through Influencer's posts and Stories divided by Country.
This powerful tool increases brand visibility and sales from the 2nd day of use