Frequently Asked Questions


To register, simply login via instagram. Instagram will share with us public data related to your profile. Through this synchronization we can see your profile exactly as your followers see it. We will not receive your password and we will be able to administer your instagram profile.

Registration is free, once you enter the portal, to be able to use the services of the Influencer Mode, you will need to activate a visibility package. You can also activate the individual services to test the potential of the portal.

Absolutely No. Registration on Influgramer is prior to instagram access, but data is not received by Influgramer. After the access will be required to be contacted by companies, while with the values ​​follower and Interaction we can give the certainty to companies not to contact Fake profiles or Users who have purchased Follower

Register, select your membership category and you will have the opportunity to contact the companies, with which you will settle your fee: [Gift | Travel | Money | % on sales]. IS NOT an agency. The portal puts the company and the influencer in direct contact through the e-mail address that is entered during registration. does not ask for compensation on economic transactions. has a security protocol for HTTPS security communication, this means that it provides authentication of the web site and associated web server with which one of the parties is communicating, protecting communication from known attacks through the technique of the man in the middle. In addition, HTTPS provides bidirectional encryption of communications between a client and a server, which protects it against possible eavesdropping and tampering operations

It is the fastest way to show brands their interest in wanting to collaborate. The Brand, from its control panel and through d.e.m will receive the request with all the contact details of the Influencer and will decide, in full autonomy, to collaborate.

Influencers can not directly contact brands, but they can show their interest in the "Interactive Card" area The cards are seen by companies through their profile on or via d.e.m. and they will have all the data necessary for direct contact.

To make any kind of modification or cancel your profile you must be registered. Once you have entered your credentials and logged in correctly, you can go to "my account" and select "edit profile" - to delete your profile, simply go to "advanced settings" and proceed with the removal of all your data from our database permanently losing any kind of contact with the Brands, with the influgramer and with the platform.

FOR BRANDS increases the visibility of the Brand thanks to the functions with which the Influgramer interact with the information entered during registration: Vision of the logo, of the product category, of the description of the Mission and of 9 products to showcase. In addition, by contacting our Influgramer you can create highly efficient media campaigns, both in terms of marketing and visibility in the territory. is a free tool for Brands who want to find Influencers with whom to start collaborations. This tool favors the web ranking, increases the visibility of the Brand on the Web and, not being an agency, advertising agreements are made with the Influencers in a direct way exempt from percentages of commissions or otherwise. The registration of the Brand for which he works lasts 1 minute. The results arrive already after 24 hours. LINK:

Absolutely Yes, the Influgramers can be contacted directly through the data they entered during registration. All commercial agreements are followed directly by the Brand and the InfraRramer, has no revenue whatsoever from such agreements. In addition, will allow you to have a contacted Influgramer column available for the Brand.